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Do’s & Don’ts

  1. How to deal with Public?

VLE is Village Level Entrepreneur who delivers various government and non-government services to the end consumers from the CSC outlet(mostly owned). Village-level Entrepreneurs focus on public interests. Hence, interacting with the public especially with the local community plays a vital role in running a Common Service Centre.

  • Personal traits like charisma, self-confidence, dedication, decisiveness, optimism, perseverance, high level of energy and an obsession to implement various services will attract public.
  • Irrespective of the caste, religion and gender, every person should be considered equally.
  • As a VLE, one should campaign for the services under CSC and make the villagers aware of what we offer and its benefits.
  • VLE should be patient enough to repeatedly explain about the scheme to villagers in the local language.
  • VLEs should display rate chart.
  • The CSC should also have a ‘Complaint Box’ installed. The complaints raised should be rectified with immediate effect. 
  • Be part of the campaign working for the local cause


  1. How to deal with Government Banks and service agencies?

As digital transactions and other financial services are one of the primary functions of CSC, interacting with the public-sector banks and services agencies is one among the main tasks.

  • A VLE should maintain personal relation with the manger-level authority to the clerical level employees in the bank and pay visits at regular intervals
  • One should convince them that the CSC will help the bank to enhance the business by bringing in more accounts and transactions
  • Stick to the bank rules and maintain a good track record.
  • As there are number of service agencies involved in the process, maintaining a good rapport is vital.
  • Maintain separate files for the different service agencies.
  • Get the services done as early as possible and maintain a record for the same


  1. General cleanliness

Swachh Bharat is one of the campaigns undertaken by CSC and every VLE should be committed to initiate cleanliness and hygiene in the precinct. And one of the key-indicators of customer satisfaction is Swachhta. Keeping a centre clean requires an active participation of all people related to the centre including the customers.

  • Clean the premises on a daily basis.
  • Remove the dust settled on the computers, printers and other machines.
  • Maintain hygienic toilets
  • Place posters on Swachhta at the centre
  • Initiate or be part of the Swachh Bharat campaign in the village


  1. How to resolve issues in service delivery?

Beneficiaries want a great experience, and part of that experience means not losing time, money, and patience. Even with the best efforts, service delivery issues are sure to arise and resolving it efficiently churn out long-term loyalty.

  • Listen to the beneficiary and show genuine empathy
  • Assess the situation in detail
  • Communicate with the district and state-level authorities of CSC for smooth resolution
  • A VLE can even communicate with the state/ central office coordinators and seek help
  • Offer the solution on the basis of the suggestions from the authorities


  1. How to deal with women?

It is mostly observed that women come up to avail the services in rural India. The latest statistics reveal that it is women who control 75% of the family chores and purchases.

  • Be Patient: They are generally interested in knowing about the new products and services. Be patient to explain them about the services and clear their doubts about the products and services we offer.
  • Convincing: Convincing a woman is convincing a family as a whole and this would fetch more beneficiaries and eventually enhance the business. Women are sensitive and nervous and the VLE should be more careful while dealing with them.
  • Listen: VLE should be a good listener while dealing with the beneficiaries in general and women in particular. Do clear every doubt and concern she raises by making them understand in the locally spoken language.
  • Do not go into technicalities: He should not explain the technical details of the product to women beneficiaries. However, they (customers) should be allowed to experience and analyse the product.
  • Greet them: VLE must greet them respectfully.
  • Open to criticism: VLE must treat them smilingly, agree with their comments and explain to them the talking points which satisfy them.



  1. No discrimination in service delivery

Being a VLE, the person has to communicate with diverse population in the village. The caste, religion, sex and financial background will be different in each case. However, VLE should deliver the services equally without showing any discrimination

  • Greet everyone with a smile
  • If you have to handle too many beneficiaries at the same time, maintain a token system to avoid complaints.
  • Senior citizens and pregnant women can be given priority


  1. How to maintain accounts?

As CSC runs number of government-to-customer services, it is mandatory to update and maintain different accounts for the services.

  • Know the amount of each services
  • Always maintain a track record of the transactions done and tally it with the payment received
  • Maintain different registers for different services and keep it updated
  • Keep track of your income and expenses, thereby improving your chances of making a profit
  • Collect the necessary financial information about your business to file your various tax returns and local tax registration papers


  1. Promotion of the product and service marketing

When it comes to new product or service, it is really difficult to get people on board but there are endless opportunities to promote it.

  • VLE should place posters and banners of the products and services which we offer.
  • VLE should conduct awareness drives and campaigns for making villagers aware of the new product or service
  • VLE should highlight the benefits for the customers
  • Participate in the gram sabhas and other village level meetings to spread out more information on the products/ services
  • Conduct door-to-door campaigns to get more beneficiaries on board
  • Use social media platforms to promote the product and services under CSC


  1. Display of boards and rates

It is mandatory to display posters/banners/leaflets of the services and products under CSC. It is also mandatory to display the charges of the services in the centre.

  • Place banners of the popular products and services and should be legible. The banner design will be provided by the state authorities.
  • The fee of every services should be displayed at the centre to prevent beneficiaries from being charged exorbitantly
  • Display the posters and banners of new products or services in the prominent way to make it more popular

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