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Telecentre Entrepreneur Courses (TEC)–FAQs

Q.1: What is CSC Academy?

Ans:CSC Academy is a society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Act 21 of 1860) having its registered office in Delhi.


Q.2: What is Telecentre Entrepreneur Courses (TEC)?

Ans:The course is for all the CSC VLEs and Citizens who can become a certified VLE. Through this course a citizens can open his/her CSC centre (Digital Centre) and preference will be given to the certified VLEs for all the existing and upcoming projects in CSC. This course is useful for anyone with budding talent to start an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) based Centre so that community may be served with digital technology.


Q.3: What is main objective of the program?

Ans:Main objective of the Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC) is to aware the Village level Entrepreneur (VLE) and citizens about the various government services provided by Common Services Centre and to make them certified under Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC), A course designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurs through various services that could include physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections.


Q.4: What is the eligibility criterion for Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC)?

Ans:All the CSC VLEs or Citizens who can become a certified VLE under Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC).


Q.5: Where canCandidate/VLE registerfor the Telecentre Entrepreneur Course?

Ans:VLE can register by logging in to http://www.cscentrepreneur.in


Q.6: How much is the Telecentre Entrepreneur Course Fee?

Ans:Rs 1000/- + GST (non refundable)


Q.7: What is the benefit to the candidate/VLE?

Ans:After studying the Telecentre Entrepreneur course (TEC) and clearing the online assessment(s), candidates will be certified under Telecentre Entrepreneur course (TEC).


Q.8: What is the duration of the training program?

Ans: The duration of the training program is 40 hours.


Q.9:  No. of Modules covered under Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC)?

Ans: Total no. 10 Modules covered under Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC).


Module 1: Fundamentals of Telecentre

Module 2: Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship

Module 3: G2C & B2C Services

Module 4: Common Services Centre Scheme

Module 5: Digital Seva Portal

Module 6: Digital Securities and Wellness

Module 7: Finance and Accounting

Module 8: Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Module 9: Soft Skills

Module 10: Business Communication



Q.10: Is it mandatory to clear all the Assessments to get certified?

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory to clear all the 10 Assessments to get certified under Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC).


Q.11:How a Candidate/VLE can get certificate under Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC)?

Ans: After clearing all the Assessments successfully, Candidate/VLE can download the certificate online through TEC portal.


Q.12:Where a Citizen/VLE can contact for any query/concern related to theTelecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC)?


Ans: Email:Mr. Varun Chauhan, Email: varun[dot]chauhan[at]csc[dot]gov[dot]in &

                      Mr. Deepak Sharma, Email:deepakkumar[dot]sharma[at]csc[dot]gov[dot]in


Call: 1800 3000 3468 for any queries related to Telecentre Entrepreneur Courses (TEC)

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